Definition Type: ComplexType
Name: GroupStaticData
Containing Schema: LiftInfo.xsd
Static data defining the characteristics of a specific group.
Collapse XSD Schema Diagram:
Drilldown into NamedFloor Drilldown into PriorityFloors Drilldown into GroundFloor Drilldown into Car Drilldown into Zone Drilldown into Algorithm Drilldown into Name Drilldown into IDXSD Diagram of GroupStaticData
Collapse XSD Schema Code:
<xs:complexType name="GroupStaticData">
        <xs:documentation>Static data defining the characteristics of a specific group.</xs:documentation>
        <xs:element name="Name" type="xs:string" minOccurs="0">
                <xs:documentation>Group name suitable for presentation in visual displays.</xs:documentation>
        <xs:element name="Algorithm" type="ControlAlgorithm" />
        <xs:element name="Zone" type="FloorRange" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded" />
        <xs:element name="Car" type="CarStaticData" maxOccurs="unbounded" />
        <xs:element name="GroundFloor" type="FloorNumber" minOccurs="0" />
        <xs:element name="PriorityFloors" minOccurs="0">
                <xs:sequence maxOccurs="unbounded">
                    <xs:element name="Floor" type="FloorNumber" />
                    <xs:element name="WeightingFactor" type="xs:integer" />
        <xs:element name="NamedFloor" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">
                <xs:attribute name="Floor" type="FloorNumber" use="required" />
                <xs:attribute name="Name" type="xs:string" use="required" />
    <xs:attribute name="ID" type="GroupID" use="required" />
Collapse Child Elements:
Name Type Min Occurs Max Occurs
Name Name 0 (1)
Algorithm Algorithm (1) (1)
Zone Zone 0 unbounded
Car Car (1) unbounded
GroundFloor GroundFloor 0 (1)
PriorityFloors PriorityFloors 0 (1)
NamedFloor NamedFloor 0 unbounded
Collapse Child Attributes:
Name Type Default Value Use
ID ID Required
Collapse Derivation Tree:
Collapse References:
Group, Group