Technical Considerations

The names of entities and types have been kept long to make them readily meaningful to a human reader. However, these names may prove a cumbersome and inefficient overhead and for real-time applications (eg monitoring and control) I propose to define a set of equivalent three-letter-mnemonics that can be used in such circumstances. A simple (XSL) transformation (to be supplied), again applied through third party software, could then be used to translate automatically between the two forms of the standard.

In some real-time applications it may not be appropriate (or possible) to send a complete XML document each time an event occurs. In these applications, the events will conform to the standard but will not be encapsulated by the document description and schema reference tags. Instead, these tags will be passed at the start of the communication session and each message that is passed will be a valid fragment of XML that forms an integral part of the document but is passed at the time of the event which it describes.