Definition Type: AttributeGroup
Name: ED
Containing Schema: LiftInfo.xsd
A set of attributes that characterise common features of an Event.
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<xs:attributeGroup name="ED">
        <xs:documentation>A set of attributes that characterise common features of an Event.</xs:documentation>
    <xs:attributeGroup ref="TD" />
    <xs:attribute name="Source" type="xs:string" use="required">
            <xs:documentation>Events are intended to record the flow of information as discrete and standard units. The Source of the event will be a controller, usually a single car controller (sometimes referred to as a Slave Controller) or group supervisory controller (sometimes referred to as the Master Controller). Other types of controller may also act as a Source.</xs:documentation>
    <xs:attribute name="Destination" type="xs:string" use="optional">
            <xs:documentation>The Event may optionally be directed to a specified destination controller. Alternatively, it may simply be broadcast to any receiving controller in which case the Destination attribute is omitted.</xs:documentation>
Collapse Child Attributes:
Name Type Default Value Use
Time Time Required
Date Date Optional
Source Source Required
Destination Destination Optional